Monday, March 3, 2008

Tummy Troubles

So our family has been infected with our first stomach bug. For me, it's been since Friday, just a stomachache, off and on, nothing life threatening or severe enough for medical intervention.

For CJ, it started last night. You know that men are more sensitive to pain and discomfort than women, but I thought we might end up in the ER last evening. He was doubled over in pain on the floor, then in the bathroom all evening. He spent the night in the guest room, and is home from work today.

We aren't sure if RJ is affected or not. How does one know exactly what is upsetting an infant at any particular time? I know there is a "pain cry", but we get that one a lot. What hurts? I had a mini-panic attack when my sister informed me that my child could have an ear infection with NO APPARENT SYMPTOMS! Great. Since he is not aware of having ears, he can't know if they hurt.

Here's how we are managing. If the boy is inconsolable (even refusing to nurse), we place him in the swing (BABY CRACK). If he continues to cry to the point of changing color, we being with the drugs. We start with gas drops. Not sure if they help or not, but he LOVES the way they taste, which usually stops the crying. If he starts up again with the sounds of pain, out comes the baby Tylenol. (we've only done this twice, I'm not drugging my baby, so don't get all judgmental on me!) Again, he LOVES the sugary grape-ness of baby Tylenol. This one-two punch has worked for us so far.

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Melissa said...

Hooray for a new blog to read! There is nothing wrong with baby Tylenol! Cam just got dosed about an hour ago to help with these crazy teeth he's working on. It's not like you're giving him Benadryl so you can watch a movie or something! Hope you all get to feeling better soon.