Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Ryan

Yesterday Ryan and I were playing Birthday Party by making cakes out of legos and singing to each other. I asked him how old he would be for his next birthday. His response: "Becember". I think he means that his birthday is in December, which I have only told him a couple of times! He does not respond with a number to this question ever.

Today Ryan was playing with "Nugget" his baby doll. He was trying to nurse the baby, but said that his boobies were too small, and asked if I would feed the doll. I attempted a through the shirt fake out, but the little guy was on to me, and told me to lift my shirt. I said that he needed Ryan to feed him. We ended up getting the baby a bottle from my stash, and now Nugget is a strictly fake formula fed doll. I've got enough on my hands with little Miss Indi eating all the time, I don't need to pretend to nurse anybody else! Ryan is always very diligent about burping Nugget after each feeding, and replacing his binkie in his mouth. I love watching Ryan's creativity develop!

In Indigo news, she is getting chubby. Today while perched on a shopping cart, the roughness of the ride made her little cheeks jiggle like a basset hound. It was disturbing and cute all at once. Oh, and the mid-thigh roll has made it's appearance. Hooray for baby fat!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Month Old

I'm a few days late with my post, but some people count 4 weeks as a month, and others wait until the day of, so whatever: my baby is a month old.
She weighed 8 lbs 6 1/4 oz at her check up, and was 20 inches tall. I don't think this counts as 1 1/2 inches of growth since birth, I just think the nurses are more able to get her legs to stretch our for a more accurate measurement. The lovely outfit was provided by Grammy and promptly scarred with a mega diaper blowout following this photo shoot.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

3 weeks old and Grammy's visit

Claudia does not like to share her Grammy. She slept with my mom through the entire visit.

Mama Bear Moment

Everybody knows that you don't corner a mother bear with her cubs. I got cornered today, and my instincts definitely took the fight path at full force. After dropping my mom off at the airport after an amazing 10 day visit, I stopped at the cell phone parking lot to nurse Indigo, who had starting squalling at top volume. I moved from the driver's seat to the front passenger seat to allow myself more space, but left the keys in the ignition to allow Ryan to continue listening to his music. All of a sudden, an older man opened my driver's door and started to get into my car! I had my left boob in my daughter's mouth, and was mostly uncovered. I screamed at him in my most authoritative tone, "What are you doing? Get out of my car!!!". He was obviously as flustered as me, simply getting into the wrong car. His car was next to mine, and he drove away in embarrassment. I then broke down in tears, since I was so scared and startled. I thought I was about to be car jacked by a 70-something man in broad daylight!

Lesson learned- ALWAYS lock the car, even when you are in it! I was nervous of locking the kids in the car, since I was shuffling myself around, but maybe next time Ryan will have to wait for more music. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boys Versus Girls

Nobody warned me about the mess. This cute little baby generated the above pile of laundry in a mere twenty minutes! We were alone for a bit, and she came at me with a barrage of bodily fluids, taking out the bouncy seat and my clothing on the way. Ryan was never THIS bad. At least when he peed on me, it was a nice stream that I could dodge, Indi is more of a soak and submerge pee-er.

Due Date- 40 weeks

These pictures were taken on Sunday, August 29, Nugget's real due date. Yes, I'm behind on posts, but I have 2 kids now, so computer time is much less than it used to be. Give me time to adjust, we'll see if we can avoid second child syndrome with the photos.