Saturday, August 21, 2010

Introducing Indigo Joy

The following post contains details of labor and delivery. Do not read if you will be put off by details, but I know many of you are interested in this stuff.

It all started at 5:30 AM on Thursday, August 19.
I went in Ryan's room to "tuck up" his covers which he had removed so he could go back to sleep. He has been asking for the baby's crib for the past few nights, and we have been accommodating. Maybe he knew that Indi was on her way. As I bent to cover him, I felt a flush of amniotic fluid, not a gush, just enough to get my attention. I woke Jeff, took a shower, and called the triage nurse. She said to head on into the hospital, even though my contractions were very light and more than 10 minutes apart. We took our time going, stopping for coffee and a scone from Starbucks on the way. Ryan does not like to get up in the morning, so we packed him up in PJ's and managed to forget his shoes at home.
We arrived at triage at 8:15 AM, my contractions were a bit heavier, but still not very painful. I just took some deep breaths and focused on whatever inanimate object caught my attention at the time to get through them. After assessment, I was declared "admitted" at 5-6 cm of cervical dilation (you have to be 10 to have the baby). We were escorted by soft spoken nurse Shirley to our room on the next floor. I had a few more contractions, and sat up in the bed as my midwife, Rebecca, came into the room. I felt a "pop" which I thought was audible to others, and the rest of my water broke. It was 10 AM. I went to the restroom and had a huge contraction. When I returned to my bed, nurse Shirley put an IV access into my arm-just in case. Nothing was hooked up to it, and she noted the time on the bandage, 10:15. I then had the worst contraction, which caused me to yell and cuss and ask for medication. I had another contraction and was yelling for meds. Rebecca said, "We need to check you first". Well, I had dilated to 10, and was ready to deliver the baby, so no pain meds for me!! Just yelling (enough that my throat was sore later) and crazy amounts of pushing. I delivered my daughter while laying on my left side. Poor Jeff was contorted onto the bed in front of me, supporting my top leg and helping my pelvis to maximize the stretch for Indigo to pass through. Rebecca placed my hand on Indi's head, and I pushed into my hand. It was surreal. Indigo was born at 11:01 AM. Our birth team was amazing. They followed my birth plan to the letter without question--no lights, no meds for baby, no bath, skin to skin contact as much as possible, and Indigo stayed with me the entire time.
Indigo has beautiful dark straight hair, and cloudy blue eyes. Her head is perfectly round, and her petite body is perfect in every way. We came home on Friday afternoon, and have been blissfully snuggling, bathing, and learning to eat since then.
Thank you to all our well-wishers and friends. We are a very blessed family of FOUR.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Name Clue

And yes, they are swollen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Eviction Notice

Dear Tenant (Nugget of Joy),
Please consider this an official eviction notice. Don't take it personally, you have been a lovely boarder here at Chez Momma, but it is time to start thinking about moving out. You have 28 days to move out, or we will have to resort to drastic measures. You are outgrowing your space here and will be much more comfortable in alternative surroundings. We have many other options available for you: co-sleeper, swing, bouncy seat, sling, Moby, etc. We also offer round the clock feedings of fresh, warm, sweet milk, and a big brother who is anxious to snuggle you on the couch, pat you gently for burping, and has even volunteered for diaper assistance (I don't believe him on the last one either).
I am not known for my patience. You brother was already home from the NICU at this point in gestation, not to start the sibling comparisons off negatively... You have been a much quieter fetus than your brother. He always kicked at the doppler, you tend to ignore it. You have also been kind to my ribs and lungs, even though your feet have been tucked against my right side for more than 3 weeks now. You are not so nice to my down lower parts, but I get it- you are running out of room. I am not a large person, so growing a baby isn't exactly my forte. I'll do much better when you come out, okay?
We are all excited to meet you- your brother thinks you will have blue eyes. For some reason, I think you will have dark curly hair. Daddy has predicted that you will be more docile than your brother. I hope you will sleep better than he does.
I look forward to helping you make the move into your new accommodations soon!
Love, Mommy (The Management)


Yes, it is now 5:41 AM and I have to write on my blog. I have been awake since 2:30- (Ryan was up then), but have not been able to sleep. Things I MUST do now- write on blog, charge up video camera, download still photos, thaw turkey for meatloaf, and possibly polish stainless steel fridge. Could I BE ANYMORE STEREOTYPICAL????

Yesterday I hit 36 weeks, an unprecedented stretching of my body has taken place. I am anxious and excited to meet my daughter, but would really prefer her attached to the outside of me at this point. More on that later. The real reason you are all here: belly photos.

Also, we had Family Bonding Time this weekend. Ryan is a real cowboy. He loves pony/horse rides (his lingo). We picked (Ryan ate) blueberries at a blueberry farm. We came home with 6.47 pounds! This is my official prediction on Nugget's weight. According to Google, that converts to 6 pounds, 7.52 ounces. (I think I was 6 lb, 7oz, but I don't remember back that far-Mom, fact checking needed please).

Photo captions: Red dress, 35 weeks, Blue dress, 36 weeks (note the not so subtle change in demeanor) Ryan in robe= he loves how soft mine is compared to his, the kid is a texture freak!