Sunday, April 11, 2010

Water Heater Hell

We have been living on borrowed time with our water heater since moving into this house 4 years ago!! Replacing it was a top item for the pre-Nugget arrival list. Well, we've been without hot water now for 2 days, while Jeff fights the beast. We thought there would be victory last night, but when he got up this morning to shower, water was leaking from the thermostat of our defective water heater!! He had a big ski trip planned for the day, since it just FINALLY snowed in the mountains this week. So, Ryan and I went to a friend's house for me to shower for church this AM, and he took his skanky bootie to the mountains! Now it's 10 PM, and he just discovered why we are having such trouble. 1) there is air in the pipes, 2) the water valve feeding the water heater was not all the way open!!!! NO WONDER IT TOOK THE THING 3 HOURS TO FILL UP!!!
I hate home projects, I would TOTALLY hire someone for everything, but my husband loves to learn by doing.
If we don't get hot water in the next hour, I'm moving to a hotel. I do not enjoy camping in my own home, and the dirty dishes are really piling up. I had to boil pans of water to give my baby a Little House on the Prairie bath tonight, and it was not fun.

The plus side:
1-Jeff redid the floor under the water heater, since the old one was sitting on soggy particle board (classy).
2-We also replaced the old with a "lowboy" version that will get us 1/2 a closet in the office. (our office houses a water heater in one closet and the furnace in another- good use of space? I think not)
3- Ryan got a swanky clubhouse box to hang out in and color. He should be busy for the next week decorating it. (minus- getting green marker out of his EARS during his pioneer bath)

In other news, today marks the 20 week point for my pregnancy. I'm half way there!!