Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not buying new toys anytime soon

My boy has reached the stage where all non-toys are more fun than real toys. I've posted photos of the most recent discoveries below.  Before anyone freaks about the plastic bags, please note--they are tied tightly inside one large bag, he can't fit it into his mouth, and I was there the whole time, so he did not suffocate. He is also obsessed with the computer and camera--see the last photo for evidence. 
Happy Hump day everyone!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Greetings virtual and real friends! We have just returned from an extended sunny weekend in Santa Monica. We were there under the pretense of attending a family wedding, however, I was really on the hunt for a real live celebrity! One would think that with the daytime Emmy awards on Sunday night that a celeb or two might just drift on over into Santa Monica for a bit, but NO!!

We came up a big fat goose egg on sightings.

My cousin-in-law's husband Josh claims to have seen a semi-famous man from the back, but could not produce the name of said famous one, and not even his wife could verify the sighting.

We even dined at the famous Ivy by the Shore, where everyone who is anyone goes to be seen. Apparently not for Sunday brunch though. The wedding family had a private room in the back, so scoping out who was coming in and out of the restaurant was not easy. I had to pick a certain seat, with a peripheral view of the bar/front of restaurant. The place was EMPTY when we arrived, and only half hopping when we left. NO CELEBS WERE PRESENT, or if they were, they were not famous enough to be recognized by me or my family.

In baby news...The Boy is standing! He even pushed a toy for a few steps in the living room today! He is also finally wearing 9 month sized clothing. No confirmation from the Dr. yet, but I think he might be catching up to "full term" babies in terms of size.

I've been trying to teach him how to fall. B/c we all know that babies love to stand up, but they don't know how to get down. I show him that his rump is a nicely padded landing pad, but NO, he prefers to dismount using the full twist with a face plant method. Thankfully we will not be posing for portraits anytime too soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey all you Lurkers!!

From Wikipedia: Lurker: In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, or chat room, but rarely participates.  

I'm in desperate need of a shout out. Who is reading this blog? My family only? A smattering of friends? Complete strangers? I have 3 consistent commenters, but I want to hear from ALL of you out there. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Defense of Food

At last, a non-baby post!! I've been writing this one in my head for about  a week, and need to get it out!!
I mentioned that I finished this book (IN Defense of Food, Michael Pollan) last week. I really liked it b/c it provided affirmation for many of my eating habits, and gave me some new fodder to think about. I'll leave out all the stuff about the government conspiring to change our eating habits...for that, you'll have to read the book yourself!  
Michael Pollan thinks that our Western Diet is to blame for the problems of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. I think he's pretty much right. So I summarized some key points for you, to help all my friends and family be healthier people.
1) Eat more plants, leafy ones. This is a basic premise of the book, and I do this a lot. It all started when I dated/married a vegetarian. (I've converted him to meat, most recently beef-read on)
2) When you eat meat, it should be GRASS fed. God made cows with 4 stomachs b/c they are supposed to eat grass, not CORN. Yes, I realize that corn is a grass, however, the beef you see at most markets is PROUDLY corn fattened b/c it is cheap and easy to mass produce. This meat is nutritionally inferior to grass fed. Same goes for chickens and eggs. It has to do with a ratio of fats, Omega 6 and Omega 3. Short story, grass fed animals are better for you to eat.
My husband used to get a sick tummy if he ate beef. He claimed it was something about not eating it for 15+ years. Two nights ago, we had stir fry with grass fed beef. He barely even burped afterwards!
3) When you grocery shop, don't buy anything that your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize. (any pre-WWII relative will do).  Processing food and adding weird things to make it less food-like started at the end of WWII. READ THE LABELS OF WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BUY AND PUT INTO YOUR BODY!!
Ways to do this:
a) Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Most "raw materials" eggs, milk, cheese, bread, produce, and meat are at the edges. You don't "need" the stuff in the middle of the store. 
b) Don't eat stuff with unrecognizable ingredients. I have a guilty pleasure to confess: Pop Tarts. They contain: xanthan gum. Does anybody know what that is?  Also, avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup--a sweetener that is getting a bad rap lately for good reason.
c) Don't buy anything with more than 5 ingredients in it. The Pop Tarts have more than 30 ingredients!!
4) You may have to pay a little more and spend a little more time preparing your food to eat this way, but the savings in healthcare costs, and long-term health benefits should be worth it to you. Also, you will spend less time in front of the TV, which we all need.  Last night, I spent more than an hour cooking a yummy vegetable curry with dahl from scratch. It was delicious!

Here's to happy healthy eating! Now I need to return this overdue library book.

Sleep crawling

The reason that Ryan keeps waking up has to do with his new skill, crawling. He is crawling in his sleep! I think he gets into position and starts moving, then wakes up, freaks out, and goes into the corner in aforementioned sad baby gorilla pose, and cries until he is rescued! I figured it all out at about midnight last night. 

My solution? First choice would be some sort of anti-crawl restraining device, fashioned of duct tape, however, this would likely be frowned upon in most parenting circles. Instead, the boy has a free pass into Mom and Dad's bed until the phase has passed. Sleep is too important for ALL of us to try and tough it out.  So we took on kidney kicks, and wiggling baby instead. Much better. I was still having insomnia and weird middle of the night hunger issues, but I got more sleep than the night before, and that's what really matters. 

To go along with the crawling, Mr. Mohawk has also taken to sleeping on his tummy in the butt-up fashion of yesteryear. He prefers to start sleeping on his side, then roll up to bottoms up, with his face so smushed, you wonder how he is breathing. I keep checking, he can do it!  I think this is what is leading into the sleep crawling. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Time Machine

Dear Ryan,

Please crawl your cute little butt into a time machine and go back about one week! Last week, you couldn't crawl or get into things. You went to bed without a fight. I WANT THAT BABY BACK!!

Last night, you would not go to bed willingly. Ever time I went into your room you were sitting in the corner of your bed, looking like the saddest baby gorilla at the zoo, crying your eyes out.
You woke up at 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, and 12:15. Then I put you in the swing, and you slept until 2:15. Then I brought you to bed with me, where you slept until 5:15. Then we kicked Daddy out for work and slept until 8.

I was just reading a lament from Sundry about pre-child life. I have to admit that I was having the same thoughts this morning.

Mommy's tired honey, can I have a break? I love you endlessly, however, I'm getting too tired to be nice anymore.

(As I write this, he has entered the 2nd hour of nap in the swing, but I've had to deal with my "working job" crisies and cleaning the kitchen--which does not constitute a break)

Thank you,
Your Momma

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

We have a crawler!

Forward motion was accomplished last evening. He has to REALLY want something to do it, but he is officially mobile. In realted news, I finally off-loaded the baby head banging coffee table on Craigslist! Woo-hoo.
I hate how I can never post enough stuff. I have great posts in my head, but no time or energy to type them out. I just finished reading the Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food, and even wrote a post of a bood report in my head to share with you all. Keep watching for that. I might do it someday.