Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nugget of Joy

I have been rather tightlipped on the internet of late, as I have had a BIG secret since Christmas Day. A new member of our family, Nugget, will be joining us at the end of August (30th official due date). I wanted to wait until all family and work associates were informed of my condition, so no googling gave up any surprises. We're doing a journal, including weekly photos to minimize the second child syndrome of no photos or pregnancy memories that many people experience. Below are a few of my favorites. The first is six weeks, the second is 10, and the last is 12 weeks (blurry Hawaii shot). Today marks the beginning of week 14, but my photographer and assistant are both taking a late nap, so we will take that photo tonight.
As you can see, Ryan is getting into showing off his belly too. He informed my yesterday that there is a baby in his tummy too, and that his name is Baby Emmett. (our close friends have a 5 month old son with this SAME name, coincidence?)
We're not hung up on the gender of this kid, we just want a full-term and healthy pregnancy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hawaiian Hiatus

While you all were digging out from "SNOWMAGGEDON" (headline in HI newspaper) my family and our close friends the Burghdoffs were soaking up some sun in Hawaii, the ONLY state that did not have snow last week. HUGE SMILE.

Best part of trip: seeing several endangered species including: An albino humpback whale, green sea turtles, and a Hawaiian Monk seal.

Worst part of trip: Two hours of screaming overtired children (Ryan age 2 and Hazel, age 18mths) on the red-eye plane ride home. I gave up my seat so my son could stretch out and sleep and sat by total strangers two hours into the long flight who gave me a real stink eye for moving into an empty seat! I ignored them and tried to nap. Boo to the airline for NEVER Turning off the stupid TVs!

Lessons learned: I love boogie boarding. However, a pedicure was a waste of money, as the sand destroyed it. Also, spray tanning looks good, if you can keep it off of your feet. I'm still sanding some of the orange bits away a week and a half later. Also, video taping dolphins that are leading your boat at over 30 MPH will not turn out well, it will be very blurry, and 12 minutes is too long to tape anything!

We took lots of photos, but I think the best parts were captured on video. Hopefully my editing department (jeff) can sort through the footage and we can get a video montage up soon. In the meantime, here are a few photos.