Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lessons Learned

Things I learned today about my son:
1) The space between Ryan's front top teeth is exactly the same as the width of a penny. He lodged one there this morning. :)
2) He can sing! He started to sing the ABC's today, except he says C B and then hums a bit. I think H and I are in there too, but I was so impressed with the singing, I forgot to listen for real letters.
3) He recognized broccoli as such, without a prompt. He hasn't eaten as much broccoli as other veggies, so it is worth mentioning. This is also a word that someone not used to translating could understand. Hooray for English!
4) He started asking for T.V.--specifically Elmo DVDs. Except he pronounces it D.B.

We had an awesome Father's Day, celebrated on Saturday. We went to the Washington Brewer's Festival in Kenmore . We got several tastes of yummy beer, ate good carny food, and soaked up some sun and tunes. Ryan got to hang out with us, and figured out how to climb in and out of his stroller on his own. He also experienced his first bounce house. Good times all around. Jeff has requested the Beer Fest again next year.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Hard Work

I haven't been blogging because I've been out DOING! We've had AMAZING weather for Seattle in May/June, and it's showing in my gardens. We have lived in this house for 3 years now, and this is the BEST the gardens have looked! We were blessed with a good base of plants and bushes that came with the house, but have been inundated with weeds and grass between the plants each summer. We attacked early this year with 1 1/2 cubic yards of mulch.
The veggie garden at the south side of our house is new this year. And it's grown twice as big since I took these photos a week ago! (I counted three baby yellow squashes tonight on one plant) The raised bed garden is in its 3rd year also, Ryan is in charge of the watering there- and he does a great job.
We went camping on Orcas Island for the weekend. Ryan did great! The only way I could get him to wake up on Sunday morning, was to make Blueberry pancakes and tease him out of the tent with them! He enjoyed every bite.