Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indigo's Affections

At 10 months, Indigo has developed a myriad of kissing techniques.
We have:
1) The nose kiss. She basically gives a raspberry using her nose. Sometimes there is an inhale with the nostrils attached to your cheek, and almost always, there is an exhale. With her current cold, I am enjoying this display of affection less and less. And my throat is starting to hurt. Darn petri dish children!
2) The real deal: This kiss is so sweet, she is trying to pucker her lips. So there is a suction sound as she makes an O shape with her mouth and touches it to my cheek.
3) The Lick: This kiss was an early form for her, and is becoming more rare as she gains skills. I'm starting to miss it. (weird I know)
4) The Head Butt. Just today I noticed her attempting to bonk people and things with her head. She mostly uses her forehead, but there was a reverse throwing-herself-backwards maneuver today that was a backwards head butt for sure.

Other milestone updates: She has FINALLY managed to say Mama. It's good to hear it. :) She is trying to walk. Using laundry baskets and toys for support, she is beginning the cruising stage. She will walk with me for a few steps with hands held.

Today also marks Ryan's Half Birthday. His big news is that the #2 training is going VERY WELL. It has been more than a week since his last party foul. He will be rewarded soon with a date to the new Cars 2 movie. My dad made him a fabulous potty chart to keep track of it all. We filled in spot 9 of 15 today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan's Questions

Let the Big Questions begin!
Ryan: Mommy, where was Indi when I was in your tummy?
Me: In heaven.
R: Was Daddy with her?
Me: No.
R: Who was with her?
Me: Angels.
R: Oh.
10 second pause.
Ryan: How do babies grow in your tummy?
Me: When I eat food, then they can grow bigger.
R: Oh.

No, there aren't any babies in my tummy. But Ryan has been expecting his baby to come ever since I announced my pregnancy with Indigo. When I ask him now about it, I getting varying answers such as "in 5 weeks" or "in 3 days". His labor is imminent. :)

Other cuteness from my oldest: "Mommy, I want Indi to enjoy us." (he meant join)

Where Have I Been?

You may be wondering. Too busy to blog would be the obvious answer. The literal answer, Hawaii, Georgia, Tennessee, renovating my house, and hosting grandparents are the more exclusive responses. Here are photos of the beginning of demolition, and a portion of reconstruction. Soon, I will have completed project photos.
The project: kill the ugly pink tile, replace with beautiful vertical cut carbonized bamboo. We did some demo and hired out the construction part. The plastic sheeting a la Dexter, is to prevent major dust from infiltrating the entire house. It did not work. I returned from a 10 day Hawaiian vacation to a beautiful floor, but had to vacuum my couch before sitting on it. Oh, and clean a 1/4 inch layer of dust off of EVERYTHING. Good times.