Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Favorites

Ryan is developing his own sense of taste. His latest phrase is: "I no yike it." Even when he does. Go figure. Here are some of his favorite things of late.

Firetrucks. He gets to visit the firehouse when he potties like a big boy. We've been twice :)
Dinosaurs. We bought a Halloween costume of an alligator that looks rather Dinosaur-esque.

Fave movie: Monsters Inc. - A recent replacement to Finding Nemo. What a relief. And he's not scared by any of it.

Fave character: Roz. Go figure. He calls Randall a snake.

Food: Edamame. (so glad it's a vegetable- he calls it beans)

Book: Everyone Poops (hidden due to repetitive readings) or Where's the Poop? - the latest book purchase by mom. Also How Do I Love You? (this is a book that Granna bought a LONG time ago, but Ryan has only recently started wanting to read it.) He's really into most books lately.

Song: to sing- Twinkle Twinkle. I tried to capture it on video, but my performer is not well versed in the art of staying away from the camera. We'll try again soon.
To listen to- Hey Hippopotamus by Justin Roberts.

Color: Green-everything is green when you ask what color something is. Ryan really has no clue what color anything is. Jeff asked me if he could be colorblind. I really don't know how to figure this one out without him having a baseline knowledge of colors to work with. I remember in Jr. High we did a test for color blindness where we had to read a word hidden with pointillism within a picture. No hope for that one soon. :)
With Ryan being so advanced on saying ABC's and counting to 10, I feel like he is behind on colors. I know this is silly, but I'm admitting it publicly here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009