Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan's Questions

Let the Big Questions begin!
Ryan: Mommy, where was Indi when I was in your tummy?
Me: In heaven.
R: Was Daddy with her?
Me: No.
R: Who was with her?
Me: Angels.
R: Oh.
10 second pause.
Ryan: How do babies grow in your tummy?
Me: When I eat food, then they can grow bigger.
R: Oh.

No, there aren't any babies in my tummy. But Ryan has been expecting his baby to come ever since I announced my pregnancy with Indigo. When I ask him now about it, I getting varying answers such as "in 5 weeks" or "in 3 days". His labor is imminent. :)

Other cuteness from my oldest: "Mommy, I want Indi to enjoy us." (he meant join)

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