Monday, September 8, 2008

Time Machine

Dear Ryan,

Please crawl your cute little butt into a time machine and go back about one week! Last week, you couldn't crawl or get into things. You went to bed without a fight. I WANT THAT BABY BACK!!

Last night, you would not go to bed willingly. Ever time I went into your room you were sitting in the corner of your bed, looking like the saddest baby gorilla at the zoo, crying your eyes out.
You woke up at 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, and 12:15. Then I put you in the swing, and you slept until 2:15. Then I brought you to bed with me, where you slept until 5:15. Then we kicked Daddy out for work and slept until 8.

I was just reading a lament from Sundry about pre-child life. I have to admit that I was having the same thoughts this morning.

Mommy's tired honey, can I have a break? I love you endlessly, however, I'm getting too tired to be nice anymore.

(As I write this, he has entered the 2nd hour of nap in the swing, but I've had to deal with my "working job" crisies and cleaning the kitchen--which does not constitute a break)

Thank you,
Your Momma


Jennifer said...

UGH; does not sound like good times. Hopefully he cut you a break tonight!

Melissa said...

I feel your pain. What I keep reminding myself is that this stage in their lives (when they start to become mobile) is when they are dealing with HUGE amounts of change. Their little brains just can't shut off and their bodies want to practice their new skills over and over and over. Hang in there!