Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not buying new toys anytime soon

My boy has reached the stage where all non-toys are more fun than real toys. I've posted photos of the most recent discoveries below.  Before anyone freaks about the plastic bags, please note--they are tied tightly inside one large bag, he can't fit it into his mouth, and I was there the whole time, so he did not suffocate. He is also obsessed with the computer and camera--see the last photo for evidence. 
Happy Hump day everyone!


Angi said...

He's delicious. :)

I keep a drawer full of sippy cups and tops, tossed in with a few small unbreakable bowls and it keeps Creux busy for three minutes.

That's like HOURS in normal people time.

Melissa said...

LOVE it! He's is so adorable, Bri!

Jennifer said...

Please, plastic bags are NO BIG DEAL until he suffocates. And I bet he'd learn to not do that again!

I love how round he is; too cute!