Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Greetings virtual and real friends! We have just returned from an extended sunny weekend in Santa Monica. We were there under the pretense of attending a family wedding, however, I was really on the hunt for a real live celebrity! One would think that with the daytime Emmy awards on Sunday night that a celeb or two might just drift on over into Santa Monica for a bit, but NO!!

We came up a big fat goose egg on sightings.

My cousin-in-law's husband Josh claims to have seen a semi-famous man from the back, but could not produce the name of said famous one, and not even his wife could verify the sighting.

We even dined at the famous Ivy by the Shore, where everyone who is anyone goes to be seen. Apparently not for Sunday brunch though. The wedding family had a private room in the back, so scoping out who was coming in and out of the restaurant was not easy. I had to pick a certain seat, with a peripheral view of the bar/front of restaurant. The place was EMPTY when we arrived, and only half hopping when we left. NO CELEBS WERE PRESENT, or if they were, they were not famous enough to be recognized by me or my family.

In baby news...The Boy is standing! He even pushed a toy for a few steps in the living room today! He is also finally wearing 9 month sized clothing. No confirmation from the Dr. yet, but I think he might be catching up to "full term" babies in terms of size.

I've been trying to teach him how to fall. B/c we all know that babies love to stand up, but they don't know how to get down. I show him that his rump is a nicely padded landing pad, but NO, he prefers to dismount using the full twist with a face plant method. Thankfully we will not be posing for portraits anytime too soon.

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Melissa said...

Too bad you didn't see any celebs. That's the most exciting thing about Cali! Good luck with teaching RJ to fall. Cam has starting trying to run lately and has eaten the kitchen floor more than a few times.