Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sleep crawling

The reason that Ryan keeps waking up has to do with his new skill, crawling. He is crawling in his sleep! I think he gets into position and starts moving, then wakes up, freaks out, and goes into the corner in aforementioned sad baby gorilla pose, and cries until he is rescued! I figured it all out at about midnight last night. 

My solution? First choice would be some sort of anti-crawl restraining device, fashioned of duct tape, however, this would likely be frowned upon in most parenting circles. Instead, the boy has a free pass into Mom and Dad's bed until the phase has passed. Sleep is too important for ALL of us to try and tough it out.  So we took on kidney kicks, and wiggling baby instead. Much better. I was still having insomnia and weird middle of the night hunger issues, but I got more sleep than the night before, and that's what really matters. 

To go along with the crawling, Mr. Mohawk has also taken to sleeping on his tummy in the butt-up fashion of yesteryear. He prefers to start sleeping on his side, then roll up to bottoms up, with his face so smushed, you wonder how he is breathing. I keep checking, he can do it!  I think this is what is leading into the sleep crawling. 

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Tanya said...

Funny! My son is doing exactly the same thing! I found your post because I was looking to see if my little one was the only one doing this weird sleep crawling at night! I'm so glad that were not alone, and in-fact I've found that this is quite common.Our solution is identical to yours for the same reasons. Just excited to get him out of our bed again. Thanks for saring your experience.