Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yes, I've been gone for a while. I'm spending less time on the computer these days, therefore there will be fewer posts for a bit. Some things that have happened since I last posted.

1. Huge visit from my parents. We are separated by 2,500 miles, so visits are treasured. They were here for a wonderful week and got to know RJ, who can now respond to them when they talk to him on the phone, like he has a clue who they are.

2. The boy is even more mobile, hence less computer time for me. He loves to bang on the keyboard, which is making for some interesting spellings for spellcheck! He is fast approaching the walking stage, can pull up and push objects while walking behind them. He is also spectacular at the face plant and landing on the back of his head. This week, he is sporting a forehead bruise. Seriously though, he is getting good at SLOWLY lowering himself in a squat onto his padded tushie as a dismount from standing. He looks so serious when concentrating.

3. Fall has arrived in the Pacific NW. We've been to see the spawning salmon and to a pumpkin patch--both annual events for our clan. Our apple trees have a bumper crop this year, so I'm also busy in the kitchen figuring out what else I can do with apples. We planted an Italian Plum in the front yard and will be expecting a few plums next year.

4. We are officially a one-car family. Bruce, our 1998 Honda Accord, needed repairs beyond our current means. We had a good run with old Bruce, and will miss the convenience of a second vehicle. CJ is getting a little morning and evening walk in now, as he jaunts to the park and ride, 8 blocks away. I have looked into busing to my office, however it would take an extra HOUR over my current driving, because I do a reverse commute. That means no fast, express-like bus is heading north when all the "real traffic" is headed south. We're up for some new challenges here, but I am looking forward to purchasing only one car seat when Ryan graduates from his infant seat in about 4 more pounds.

That's all for now--I'm on the wrong computer to post photos, but I will when I get to the right one.


Melissa said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your parents!

In some ways it's easier after they can walk. At least they can get to things and not be as frustrated about their limited skills set. Just keep the baby gates handy!

Bummer about the car. I'm sure you guys will figure out the single car gig though. We pretty much just drive one car. The Jeep sits in the garage most of the time. It's paid off and has only 62,000 miles so there's no reason not to keep it.

Jennifer said...

Just be thankful that you live in a city that makes being a one car family doable.

Our drive is about 30 minutes, but if we took the bus we would first have to go downtown and then catch the line that comes up north. We'd add a good two hours each way! At least you have the bus option for emergency situations.