Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes, it is now 5:41 AM and I have to write on my blog. I have been awake since 2:30- (Ryan was up then), but have not been able to sleep. Things I MUST do now- write on blog, charge up video camera, download still photos, thaw turkey for meatloaf, and possibly polish stainless steel fridge. Could I BE ANYMORE STEREOTYPICAL????

Yesterday I hit 36 weeks, an unprecedented stretching of my body has taken place. I am anxious and excited to meet my daughter, but would really prefer her attached to the outside of me at this point. More on that later. The real reason you are all here: belly photos.

Also, we had Family Bonding Time this weekend. Ryan is a real cowboy. He loves pony/horse rides (his lingo). We picked (Ryan ate) blueberries at a blueberry farm. We came home with 6.47 pounds! This is my official prediction on Nugget's weight. According to Google, that converts to 6 pounds, 7.52 ounces. (I think I was 6 lb, 7oz, but I don't remember back that far-Mom, fact checking needed please).

Photo captions: Red dress, 35 weeks, Blue dress, 36 weeks (note the not so subtle change in demeanor) Ryan in robe= he loves how soft mine is compared to his, the kid is a texture freak!

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