Friday, March 7, 2008

My boy, the model

We've been to hell and back today. I had an appointment for photos at JC Penney. There were 800 other screaming children and 600 strollers parked all over the place. I had a mini panic attack upon my arrival. They were running about 1/2 hour behind on the appointments, so I had to nurse my baby in public to keep him from adding to the chaos. Once we were in the photo room, things went ok for about 5 minutes. Then RJ decided that he was NOT having fun and started to cry. I spent the rest of the shoot trying to get him to stop. Luckily, this resulted in fewer pictures for us to choose from, as the last half sucked.
After the photographer was finished, RJ was down to a diaper for the ultimate in fat cute baby pictures. I needed to change this diaper. I was informed by the JC Penney employee that "they need the room" and would have to change him in the chaotic waiting area. I was not pleased. I had a mostly naked screaming child tucked under one arm while pushing the stroller full of his clothes and my coat back into the mayhem.
We then began what should have been a 20 minute wait to view the photos. This turned into a 35 minute wait. I succeeded in partially dressing my darling, but decided to forego the pants and let him sit with a blanket over his lower body. I also had to endure another bout of public nursing to calm the livid one. Didn't care so much the second time, just wanted to calm my boy. All this for few cute photos. We'll do it all again when he's 6 months old.


Melissa said...

Sorry you had a hectic time but good for nursing in public! Was this your first time?

I hope you got some good pics. I always have a hard time choosing.

Jennifer said...

What, have you given up blogging ALREADY? I need something comical to read instead of oh, I don't know, doing my job!

Pavette said...

Jennifer, did you even NOTICE all the new photos I worked so hard to take and download? Geez.