Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bush Baby

Here's what happened to me today.
1) Bought a NEW laptop, yeah!! We're switching to MAC.
2) Saw the Bush Baby guy from American Idol Season 6 at the mall. I saw him first, then heard his voice, then overheard him talking about the AI experience, so I KNOW it was him!! And now I know where he works too...not in show business, he was at the mall for WORK.


Jennifer said...

I am a tad disappointed that there is not a picture of the Bush Baby with RJ and CJ...seems like a perfect trio! We are SO stalking him in SEVEN days!

Yeah for the new Mac. Which Mac book did you choose? You know my husband is going to try to commandeer that while we are there. If you have any computer, or balloon animal, needs he is your guy!

Melissa said...

That's pretty funny! We don't get a lot of celebrity sightings around here. Although we were walking at lunch one day and saw a guy with a leather jacket and rock star swagger standing outside of a store downtown. We were about a block away and I joked to Jason "What does that guy think he's John Mellencamp or something?" As we approached him we realized that he did in fact think he was John Mellencamp because he actually WAS John Mellencamp.

Pavette said...

I don't know if Bush Baby counts as a celebrity or not, especially since he is not making any $ off of it. It's just exciting to recognize someone who should be embarrassed that they were on national television still gloating about it a year later!

Jennifer said...

Listen, in today's reality TV driven world ANYONE who makes it onto TV is an instant celebritard. Bush Baby totally counts as a sighting; I cannot believe you didn't ask him to sign your autograph book.

All those years spent in B-town and not so much as a glimpse of The Coug. What a waste!