Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mr. Poopy Pants

Today RJ graduated to a 3 month sized onesie. Such a Big Day for my preemie boy! He made it about 2 hours in the outfit du jour before taking a ginormous dump. This dump was so big that it came out the top of the back of his diaper--not foreign ground for us, we've been there many a time. But today's plopper shot ALL THE WAY up his back. And the removal process (screaming child and mother) resulted in poop in his hair - a definite first for us.

So, my love got a special middle of the day emergency bath. He loved it, of course. And I was being paranoid about him soaking in a tub of water infused with essence of feces. I rubbed him extra dry with the towel afterwards, so hopefully this removed any residual poo flakes.

As for the new onesie, it's still soaking in bleach solution. Pray for it.

Tomorrow we go for his first real photo shoot. Hopefully we won't have a poo fest then.


Jennifer said...

RJ's Poop Fest '08 is further proof that boys are, by nature, a complete mess. We've had one explosive poo in our six month stint as parents AND, thankfully, no crap in the hair incidents...GROSS!

How did the photo shoot go? Did you have to get all stage mom on the JCPenney's photographer?

Melissa said...

Cam poops out of his diaper on an almost daily basis anymore. Five months in though and we have yet to have poop in the hair. We did have poop on the wall once...

Jennifer said...

Quick comment to Melissa's comment: the poop on the wall is so reminiscent of the boys' dorm my freshman year at IU. Why are boys so fascinated by poo and smearing it on the wall? (CJ, I expect you to follow up with a comment on that one!) Did the poo on the wall incident coincide with some late night partying on Cam's part? A little too much milk perhaps?

Pavette said...

Okay, a couple of things.

First, poop is many things to many people. For some, like my wife, is a window into the world of science. Briana has as many legitimate words to describe poop as Eskimos have to describe snow. For others, including myself, it is a way to kick off my weekend and catch up on the local news.

There are, however, notable bad uses for poop such as art work in college dorms. Though from my experience, men/boys are not the exclusive purveyors of improper poor conduct. For example, my college, dorm suite mate was motivated to show me the Tupperware container full poop left for him in his mini frige by his X. Still etched in my head.

I will leave you with one last thought. The only thing worse than poop is no poop and so I say go RJ, go Cam, but mostly, go Isabella who has some catching up to do...

Jennifer said...

CJ, clearly your dorm mate was involved with a psycho...thus, I am assuming, the breakup?!

I know Bri is (oddly) scientifically fascinated with poop; she has been for years...even before the fancy Master's degree and adult job. Does that lump her in with the former girlfriend? (best leave that as a rhetorical question, my friend)

Izzy is experiencing some issues with pooping. She did manage to squeeze out two pebble sized rock-turds today...the first in three days!