Monday, March 17, 2008


Inchworm is the name I have for the moves my baby does when he is laying on my chest. Even when swaddled, he manages to use his head with limited assistance from the legs to "inch" his way up my neck to my gobbler. Those of you that know me well know that I do not tolerate ANY one or thing touching my gobbler. I have a sensitive gag reflex and it is activated often by the inchworm. Why do babies do this? I place him in a nice protective cove created by my cleavage, but he feels the need to migrate north every time!
On a related note, this morning was the first time I have been truly upset with the actions of my child. He has become more difficult at night again. I moved him to several different locations with different positions and sounds in an attempt to get him to sleep. We settled on the swing, lights on, fish rotating, and hairdryer blasting at midnight. (it sounds like a game of Clue).  I managed to turn off the hairdryer and lights before retiring myself. This bliss lasted until 4:30 AM. At which time, he woke up hungry and angry. After feeding and changing and rocking him back to sleep, I placed RJ in the crib. This lasted precisely ONE HOUR.  I then kicked CJ out of bed and asked him to help calm the baby down. This worked for ONE MORE HOUR. Then CJ was leaving for work, so I asked if he would bring the boy into bed with me. I gave him more milk and we went back to sleep for ONE MORE HOUR. This process repeated itself until 10:30 AM when I gave in and said, let's get up then. 
What happened to our lovely 6 hours of sleep, followed by a 4 hour nap? I miss that baby. :( I hope he comes back before our company arrives this weekend. 
Now the little bugger is having a loud grunty nap in his co-sleeper. 20 minutes and counting......  

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