Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sleep habits-step forward and back

We have a problem. My boy does not want to sleep in his crib. Nevermind that it was the most expensive baby thing we purchased! Last night, we had a minor breakthough. Although RJ did NOT sleep through the night, as he has been doing in his swing, he DID manage to sock out 3 whole hours in the crib. He slept all day yesterday, so he was wide awake at 10 when Mom and Dad decided they had enough and stuck him in the swing. He awoke at 2, and I fed him. He fell asleep during his late night snack, so I took the risk of placing him in the crib. I swaddled for maximum warmth, and it paid off!! At 5 he was hungry again, but barely ate before nodding off. I moved him into our bed b/c I was too tired to sit up.

Now he is back in the crib on a nap marathon that started in the car, continued in the stroller at the mall, back in the car, and into the crib. He has been in the crib for 30 minutes so far-so good. This pic was just taken!
We're having house guests in just over 2 weeks, so I need him to pick a spot and stick to it! There will be 2 other babies here and they won't be wanting to play musical babies at all hours. One of our visitors will be on eastern time, which should prove interesting too.


Jennifer said...

I cannot view your pictures at school due to their apparent pornographic nature...seriously, baby pics are scandalous!

Man, oh man...this whole sleeping thing is making me a tad nervous. Isabella is definitely the Sleeping Queen, so I am a bit anxious about what Cam and RJ's sleeping habits are going to do to her given that we are all going to be in tight quarters!
I think she should be fine as long as the two boys don't try to outdo one another while crying for their mommas. I swear, though, there will be hell to pay if I return to AZ and have a baby who goes from 12-14 hours (thank you Sweet Jesus) to fits of sleep. I will officially disown both you and Mis. AND, Izzy will not be able to date either one of your boys! :)

Melissa said...

I hear ya on the crib thing. Cam has yet to sleep in his crib, or any other flat surface besides my chest (heh! although not so flat any more!) for more than an hour or so. He's a swing or hammock baby for sure. I am really hoping that he sleeps while we visit. Jason said he's probably going to get great sleep while we're gone since Lily usually sleeps so well. I told him I probably won't sleep for the entire 4 days...

Jennifer said...

So, I am up LATE fulfilling your command. Much to my surprise, you have not updated your blog in a few days.