Monday, August 18, 2008

My favorite subject-poop

Ok, so I suck at consistent blogging. Sue me. I've been on vacation. I'm all caught up on reading EVERYONE else's blogs and being annoyed when THEY don't update. I'm such a hypocrite. :)

We went to Indiana and my brother got married to a lovely lady. It was a good time. We spent a whole week catching up with friends and family. We've been back almost a week now and only have one more suitcase to unpack. CJ and I both detest unpacking and we have a standoff a la Ray Ramone after every trip.

RJ has made amazing progress since my last post. Tomorrow he will be 8 months old! He now has two lower teeth, and can get into a crawling position and bounce! He will be crawling any day now. I've caught him scooting backwards, but he doesn't realize that he can do that yet, it's all accidental. In other news, he has his first real diaper rash.

The "expert" advice on butt rash is to:
1) Air it out. We did this for over an hour yesterday with a nudist baby on a blanket in the backyard. I was prepared to wash all fabrics involved expecting a shower of urine. He was dry the entire nudy-hour! Good boy!
2) Don't use baby wipes. I am going to partially blame Huggies super chemically, overly perfumed butt wipes for the rash to begin with. This morning, I handed the young lad to his father in the shower for a "crack rinse"-post tiny poop. This was the hardest worked-for tiny- poop EVER. I would LOVE to send a video of my son's crapping face to America's Funniest Home Videos, as he tries REALLY HARD every time he makes, even if the result is less than a rabbit would produce.
The shower power spray was great, except the boy immediately pooped again after being creamed and re-diapered. So I had to make a baby bidet by holding his tushie under the faucet of the tub.
3)Hold off on the new foods. We also tried yogurt for the first time yesterday, so that could be a secondary factor in the butt rash. I have an issue for "The Man-like" big corporations, so I'm mad at Huggies. Jen- add them to the list!
I'm using Aveeno baby butt stuff, it seems like all brands are variations of 16% zinc oxide. Bloggers, what is your favorite butt covering for treating the rash?


Jennifer said...

Once again, I find myself about to post a comment that will have mother's everywhere hissing. We've never had to deal with THE butt rash (fingers cross, knock on wood, and all that rot)!

If you find something that works well let me know; I'll file it away for future refernce!

Also, good to see your return to blogging...even if it is the only one for the next month!

Melissa said...

Cam had AWFUL rash for awhile right after he was born. We switched to the Lansinoh wipes and he doesn't have rash very often any more. We've used the Aveeno cream the few times that he's gotten a little red. It's usually something that clears up within a few hours it seems.