Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shameless baby photos

So, I mentioned that we went to Indiana for my brother's wedding, right? Well I just downloaded the pictures, and there is NOT a.single.one of my brother and his wife. They all star, you-guessed-it- my baby! Some were not even taken by me or CJ, as evidenced by the ones of us dancing with RJ at the wedding! If you look closely in the background, you MIGHT catch a glimpse of the bride and/or groom. SHAMELESS.

Also pictured, my sister and niece and my parents with RJ. We had a lot of fun with them, and after these trips, it is really hard to live so far away from them. :(


Melissa said...

So, so cute! Those are great and you look awesome in the first pic!

It was fun to see you guys!

Jennifer said...

You look SO fancy. I think the hair and make-up turned out well; no super surprised, old lady penciled in eyebrows, which is always a bonus!

Ugh; I am totaly there with trips home inpsiring you to put out a For Sale sign and moving back east. I NEVER thought I would say I miss IN (and I am still not sure that I do), but having a child and being away from family and close friends is hard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we both move back (or closer). Can you imagine if we lived closer to one another? We could really manipulate RJ and Isabella's relationship then!!!!