Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I know you are all anxiously awaiting the results of the butt Olympics, right? (RJ's diaper rash)
Well, it is 97% cured, thanks to the baby bidet technique.
We perfected it this morning, as the little man stood spread-eagle against the edge of the tub, holding on for dear life with a huge grin on his face as I sprayed his tushie clean. I've never seem such a happy little criminal, even on COPS. Thank goodness that during our bathroom remodel I requested a detachable spray head on the shower. I'm also glad that he never pooped while we were out and about during the past few days.
In short, wipes flare up even the slighest diaper rash, but a warm spray of water and a soft washcloth can go a long way toward a happier baby.


Jennifer said...

Please tell me there is a video!!!!

Pavette said...

Nope. I had to hold onto The Boy! Plus he might be embarrassed by it later. We all know YOU can't be trusted with less than perfect photos!

Angi said...

Briana, do you think we have poop issues? Because this is oft-repeated blog topic for both of us! :)

Glad all is better "down under".

We do the same, at the first appearance we stop using wipes. Wipes are little butt-devils!

You know, I'm so toying with cloth diapers and cloth wipes right now. I really want to do it! Then Creux craps out the entire contents of a blueberry bush and I change my mind.

Oh, the laundry...for five people and one crapper. I don't know if I can handle it.

(And we use Burt's Bees on tushy problems.)

Here's to happier poo days for both of us... :)