Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Question for the Mommies

How do (did) you manage to take a shower when you are (were) home alone with your firstborn and newly mobile child? If I wait for him to go to sleep, I'll never be clean again! RJ has outgrown the seatbelt on the bouncy seat. I used to strap him in, give him a toy, and enjoy my shower. Now that he's able to get around, I'm worried about leaving him alone. Yesterday, I stuck him in the crib with some toys. I heard screaming while still in the shower, and rushed out to find him screaming with joy. (the shower muffles the difference between the good and bad screaming)

I think this problem is only going to get worse, the more mobile he gets.

Today, I have not bathed yet. I'll do a night shower when the changing of the guard takes place in about an hour. 


Angi said...

Hi Briana!

I STILL take night showers. It's just easiest that way (and now I love it because I can wash the day off and get in my jammies and...gasp!...relax) and I made the switch when Chas was a baby and I was going through what you are now going through. Since I was home all day anyway, it didn't matter what my hair looked like and honestly, mine looks far better when slept on! :) The only other suggestion that I can think of is (cringe) get up early and do it before he wakes. Frankly, I'd rather have a root canal than sacrifice sleep but I know many, many moms who do this. I'd also rather have shit hair. :) other thought. Do you have an exer-saucer? Maybe you could park it at the open door of the bathroom and let him play in that safely while you shower? You could still see him and vice versa. I had two saucers when Chas was little, one upstairs and one down, and I would drag that thing where-ever I needed it.

Good luck! And really, he's the only one who's going to know how bad you smell if you just can't get it done. :)

Melissa said...

I'll second the shower at night thing. I've also showered during naps. If you have to have a morning shower though I think your option is to get up before he wakes up or at least get up and have your shower before the hubby leaves the house.

The exercauser is another good idea.

I haven't had this situation too much since we both are pretty much home at the same time. I did have the kids alone this past weekend though and I showered on Saturday night after Cam was in bed. Lily is old enough now that she just plays in the play room or watches TV in our room while I shower.

Jennifer said...

The exersaucer is a great suggestion, but you could always put him in the high chair and wheel that in there too. Just be sure to give him some fun toys to play with!

If I need to shower when Brian is gone I usually just bring Izzy into the bathroom with me. I make sure that any objects she could pull down are out of reach, I shut all the doors (three) and set out her bath toys to keep her occupied. She usually crawls around and pulls up on various objects for a bit, but most of the time she likes to sit right by the shower door and slap her little hands on the door and squeal because she thinks her turn is next. (The girls loves to shower.)

We've never had any issues with this system and it allows me to shower when I want to. Curly hair is not so conducive to the night shower routine!

Jennifer said...

Have we broken up?