Monday, July 7, 2008

Camping with a baby

A challenge for anyone, right? We were invited to join a group of friends for camping on the 4th. This trip was a bit of a gauntlet thrown at our feet, as the friend extending the invitation has a 3 year old AND a 5 month old.  We could not be outdone! Plus, we had just purchased a MASSIVE 10' square tent for our new family to try out. 

We jumped at the opportunity to get away from our house for the night, as my neighbor is some sort of pyro who insists on making it sound like we are being bombed out on the 4th. I have resolved to either a) go away every 4th or b) request to be heavily sedated by prescription drugs and vodka. So we went on the trip. 

RJ is allegedly teething, although we have yet to see any evidence. He may also be in a growth spurt, (also up to be proven). He commenced to keep us and everyone camping on Whidbey Island up all freaking night! He screamed his head off every 2 hours from dusk to dawn. The only way to appease him was to stick my boob in his mouth! We struggled through and survived the night, but we will be traveling with a lot more back up formula from now on. 

In other news, he can sit up!! See photo proof. Also, new images on Flickr. The above photo is the only one of our child on the trip. Too bad I didn't whip out the camera at 2 AM!


Melissa said...

Sorry you guys had a rough trip. We've just resolved to having Cam sleep with us most of the time when we're traveling...who am I kidding...he sleeps with us almost all the time now. We all rest better that way!

Hooray for sitting up!

Jennifer said...

All I want to know is did he crap out his diaper?