Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Sickness and In Health

Too bad we're stuck with husbands and kids no matter what! (just kidding) Little RJ has his first cold, thanks to me. I've been sick for a week and the terrible illness struck him down at the stroke of midnight last night. I got a total of 2 hours of sleep this morning after giving him Tylenol. Here are some of the strange activities that I participated in during the wee hours:

  1. Steam up the bathroom, and soak your socks while holding a screaming, sniffling kid near the steam in the shower stall.

  2. Open the Vicks vapor rub, but since you're not sure if the baby can handle it or not, gently waft the fragrance in his general direction. Set the open container on the back of the toilet while you sit on the lid holding your baby and wondering why the lids of toilets are so uncomfortable for prolonged sitting.

  3. Repeatedly plunge the EBE (enormous booger extractor) into your child's nose, attempting to pull out the unseen, but definitely heard offensive snot.

  4. When you can't get anything OUT of his nose, try spraying some saline INTO his nose, with the hopes of washing it all downstream. (didn't work)

  5. Go to the car at 3 AM for the Baby Bjorn, which you strap to your chest to keep the child in an upright position so he doesn't drown in his own snot.

  6. Try to sleep propped up with all of the pillows in the house in the guest room, keeping the baby upright in th Bjorn and periodically checking for breathing.

To top of the extravaganza of snot, we are taking RJ on his first plane ride this weekend. There was a death in CJ's family, so we're heading to Columbus. Hopefully we can get the snot festival under control before then.


Melissa said...

Poor sick baby! Cam hates the nose sucky thing too. I am probably a bit overzealous with it though. It's like I have a mission to get every last bit of nasty out of his nose once I get started.

Hope you all feel better soon.

Good luck on your flight.

Jennifer said...

They sell a baby friendly version of vapor rub; put some on his little feet and then put some socks on him. The doc also suggested we put a bit on the baby's PJ's at night. Poor little guy and mommy!

The flight will go well so long as you drug RJ...and maybe CJ, too!