Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad Blogger

I know, I've been terrible. Here is what has happened in the last couple of weeks. 
1) RJ had his first trip to the Midwest. He is an EXCELLENT traveler. He only cried on the runway after we landed in Columbus Ohio, after a 2 hour delay. I blamed United Airlines for his crying. 
2) RJ got to meet his grandfather, aunts, uncle and cousin while in Columbus. He was very popular.  He attended his first funeral, and slept through the entire thing, since it was during his normal sleep time on the west coast.
3) RJ grabbed a toy for the first time yesterday. (see photo)
4) I chopped my hair! This appointment had been moved 3 times, so I was super anxious to get it done!  See other photos


Jennifer said...

YEAH for RJ for being so good on the trip AND for accomplishing yet another milestone!

I like the hair; what are your thoughts now that 48 hours have elapsed?

Melissa said...

Your hair looks really cute!

Glad to hear the trip went well!