Sunday, October 11, 2009

Testing Two

Ryan won't be 2 years old until 2 months from now, but he is trying out some two-year old moves already, and they aren't all pleasant.
1. We have a new game where he likes to make Mommy sad by taking away her blankie, and waiting for the pouty lip to come out. He then gives it back and says, "feel better, nice". It's sweet that he is starting to tune in to the emotions of people around him.
2. Tantrums. We've had two this week. One was over moose jammies, there is a general aversion to jammies lately, but it is too cold to allow him to sleep in a diaper only. This is a battle we have to fight.
3. Language, vocabulary, words! We started at a new daycare this month, and they are blown away with the vast knowledge of our boy and his grasp of language and meaning. Of course, Jeff and I think that he is advanced with language, but validation that your child is a boy genius ALWAYS feels good. :)
4. Ryan is excited at the idea of playing and watching hockey. We went to a WHL game last week, and he got his debut on the Jumbotron doing the chicken dance! Whenever he sees hockey on TV, he says, "play 'ockey". His daddy is very proud and excited to get him on the ice soon.
I'll get some new photos up here when I find the stupid cord to download them! Grr.

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Jennifer said...

I would love it if you would make a video entry showcasing your son's "epic" fits. I'm guessing they are Briesque in nature! :)

Isabella loves the make Mommy and Daddy sad and then better game.

While the two's are full of challenges, they are also such a cool period of mental and social development! Thank goodness or there might be a lot more toddlers on the black market!