Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you know what this vegetable is called?

Please answer the poll with your best guess. No googling the answer either!
It appeared on my doorstep last week as part of my farm delivery. I steamed some today and put it through the food processor to add some veggie lovin' to the macaroni and cheese. Yum.


Angi said...

Ummm...alien cauliflower? :)

Pavette said...

Yes, I know this was a cheesy post, I wanted a fun poll, and to show what exciting veggies we are eating.

Barbara said...

I assume I guessed right? So, what did it taste like? And don't tell me you took that perfect picture?!

Pavette said...

The answer is romanesco. I took the photo from the internet, as we had eaten half of ours before I decided to write the post.I made the mistake of not relabeling the photo, so some early pollsters had a freebie which screwed up the poll. :(
It tasted like broccoli/cauliflower in one vegetable. Good steamed, with a buttery flavor.