Monday, March 2, 2009

If I used Twitter...

I'm a non-texting cell phone user. It would take me sooo much longer to type out what I need to say than to just freaking use the phone, so there is no point to it. Also, last time I checked, twit was a derogatory term for an insignificant or bothersome person. 
However, if I did use Twitter, here are some thoughts I would have posted today.
1) Toddlers are so amazing! Ryan is doing/saying/figuring out new stuff every day now!
2) There should be an award for bathing with a toddler AND managing to shave my legs.  Even with him trying to help "wash" the shave cream from my legs.
3) Ryan eats dirt when we play outside. According to the latest studies, he should have a great resistance to allergies.

I would love to post new photos, but I can't find the stupid cord to do it. Maybe next time I post...


Jennifer said...

Does Ryan have Pica?

You only have a few non-texting years left. There will be entire years of his life in which your son will only be willing to communicate via text messaging.

Pavette said...

No, he's just exploring/tasting. We dug up the garden and he had a spoon, so it's really like I TOLD him to eat it.
We're taking the binky away during waking hours now, so more stuff is gravitating toward the pie hole again.