Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12 Months, 18 Days

Yesterday was Ryan's 1 year check up the doctor. He weighs 19 pounds, is 29 1/2 inches tall, and his head was 46 (cm? not sure there). Anyway, this means he is holding steady at the 5-10 % point. No need to worry, because Jeff and I are petite people, therefore it would be worrisome if our son was some sort of BABY GIANT. Ryan took his shot like a man (crying, no screaming, and the binky helped), and the appointment was over!

The weirdest new thing about my almost-toddler is that he LOVES cooked onions. I had some on my plate that I cooked with chicken to give it flavor, but I was not planning to eat. He started pointing at them and signing for more. He had just eaten a whole banana, so I gave him a small bite of onion just waiting for the look of disgust at the mingling of those flavors. It did not happen. He gobbled up the onion and began signing for more. So now I won't waste my cooked onions in the compost bin, they are going through my baby bin instead. :)

Ryan's vocabulary is changing everyday too. Here is a list of current words-phonetically spelled : Claw (Claudia-our cat), key (kitty), momma, daddy, tay-too (thank you), zam (Shazam!- while pointing drink stirrer/imaginary magic wand), boo (moo-means cow, or what it says, not sure there), guh (grandma or pa-works for either), and Ahhh (noise made whenever someone is enjoying a refreshing beverage). For other communication he signs "more" by clapping his hands really hard and grunts and points to get his ideas across. He is also really good at pushing away his tray when finished eating.

Ryan's favorite things: Claudia, playing with the cat with a "kitty stick" (fishing pole type cat toy), moving all of one object to an area (animals from farm into silo or puzzle pieces into his easy chair), and taking a bath.

Due to my insane diligence of the past week, the boy has done both #1 and #2 in his potty chair. I was very excited but I don't think poor Ryan had a clue what was happening. I don't think cleaning poop out of a training potty is any less disgusting than changing a diaper, so we won't be pursuing that one again for a while. For now he is content to sit on the potty fully clothed while I do other mommy related bathroom business.

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Sarah T-bone said...

Wow even when I was a toddler my Dad had to hold me down for my shots!!