Monday, December 15, 2008

One Year Ago

I was lying in a hospital bed, not sure what I was getting into. I had pre-eclampsia during my third trimester, which lead to one month of bedrest at home, and 3 weeks in the hospital. My hospital days consisted of: awakening to a phlebotomist poking my arm at 5 AM daily, measuring my pee and saving it in a jug, fetal stress tests, constant blood pressure checks, drooling while waiting for my meals to come, napping, computer time, lots of movies, magazines, and online Christmas shopping. Oh, and lots of visitors! I had a calendar in my room, and for every visitor, (and everyone who called) I asked them to pick my due date. My original due date was January 28, 2008, but once I was hospitalized, we knew Ryan would be early. Of all the guesses, I picked the winner --December 19. Basically, it was a waiting game. The constant monitoring of my kidney functioning made it so the doctors could wait as long as possible to allow Ryan to "cook". Every day he spent inside took 2 days off of the time he had to spend in the NICU. He ended up spending 2 weeks in the NICU, which was considered awesome by the doctors and nurses, Jeff and I were basketcases the entire time. But now, a year later, our little preemie (4lbs 15 oz at birth) is a whopping 20 lb crazy fast crawling, almost walking one year old! We are so blessed and love him to bits.


Melissa said...

Yay Ryan! It's amazing how much things can change in just a year isn't it!

Jennifer said...

Okay, so when do we get to see pics from his birthday bash and from Christmas?!!!