Thursday, June 26, 2008


Little RJ is changing SO fast! Today was his 6-month checkup at the Dr. He is finally on the charts for weight and height! He weighed just under 15 pounds and is 25 inches long. Dad took him to this appt, as I had to work. He also got 4 shots and barely cried!

The little guy has started sitting up for several minutes at a time before falling a different direction each time. He just did a face plant! He has discovered his feet and occasionally gets one to his mouth. 

We're expecting the real teething to begin ANY time now. He's making extra drool and biting everything in sight. Also stronger is his pincer grasp, which seems to be advanced for his age. I didn't  know I had so much neck meat to bruise!

We also took a family trip to AZ last week. RJ got to see where CJ and I were married. We stayed at the resort for a night and the baby slept for 7 hours straight! It was heaven. 
New pictures to come soon.


Melissa said...

Pics, please! Way to go RJ on the great appointment!

Manager Mom said...

I am here to warn you... I have a 5 and 7 year old, and I would STILL kill for a 7 hour stretch of unbroken sleep...

Pavette said...

That sleep was a one time thing. We are now on 2 hours at a time, I'm a freaking zombie!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

What is up, RJ? Hope you are able to nap when he does...if he does. UGH!

Call if you need to vent/whine/figure out a way to sell your child on the black market...I kid!