Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Has to Bike Vs. Wants to Bike

In honor of National Bike To Work Month, and Jen's Granny Post, I have a rant to share.

There are two types of biker's out in the world today, the Has to Bikes (HTB) and the Wants to Bikes (WTB). Separated by socioeconomic status and possibly number of DUI convictions, these are two very different species. Let's start with the more palatable (sometimes) WTB.

This person is frequently seen the the Pacific Northwest. He typically has a membership to REI, as he is COMPLETELY outfitted in head to toe Bike Gear. As unsavory as those bike shorts can be, the WTB is proud to wear them with his bright yellow commuter jacket, brightly colored biking jersey, special padded gloves, and helmet. My husband was one of these goons on Monday, as he is a stay at home dad on Fridays and did not get to particpate in Bike to Work Day on Friday.

The other species, the HTB has an often varied with optional pieces wardrobe. This one is often seen shirtless, with it tucked into a back pocket for safe keeping. This species does not wear a helmet, opting instead for the windblown long haired look or a baseball cap.

I recently discovered a new stereotype to throw into this mix: I believe it's a HTB, but more b/c of car ownership issues than legal status to drive one. I often observe men who seem to be of Hispanic descent (I'm guessing based on appearance, I didn't stop to take a poll) who ride bikes. The stereotype is that NONE of them have adjusted the seat so that they have proper riding form. They all ride with the seat in the lowest position, resulting in a slumped appearance and knees that come up to the chin. My husband thinks it's some sort of fashion statement, I just don't get it. He also feels that it is not appropriate blog material, but I need to get it out there. Hello all 7 people who read this blog, have you seen this person in your neck of the woods?

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Jennifer said...

Duh, I live 187 miles from the Mexican border!