Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chronicles of Ryan

Photo captions for above: crafts of the week, making a mockery of my body's condition 1 and 2, and 33 week photo (I'm at 34 weeks tomorrow, but this shows the hugeness of the situation well)

In these last few weeks of Ryan's fleeting only-childness, I need to document some of his sayings/doings so we don't lose it all in the fog of newborness that is about to descend. For the uber-pregnant me, the next six weeks will drag, but I know each moment alone with my little man must be cherished, even though some can border on the mind-numbingly repetitive.

  • Quote of the week: "Mommy, did you SAW that?" (said after doing just about anything)
  • There must have been some unseen growth spurt of 1/8 inch or something. Clothing still fits, but all of a sudden, Ryan can reach and use the pedals of the trike much better, and can reach the bathroom faucet with ease.
  • Independent hand washing has ensued.
  • Pulling down his own pants when time to change clothes. (assuming the Dictator has approved of the wardrobe selection and timing of change- translation- This has happened twice Ever).
  • Previous two items are tell-tale signs of readiness to potty train!!!!
  • Requested to "sit and make toots" last night before bed. Although this is just a new tactic in his repertoire of bedtime procrastination techniques, we are being indulgent, as maybe someday he might produce Something while on the potty. He sat for so long last night that the cushioned toilet seat was stuck to his bum when he arose.
  • Bedtime is still a challenge, but got a little bit easier last night. Last parental entry into bedroom at 10:15 PM, and no one had to sleep over! (he's been having bad dreams, and wants someone to stay so he doesn't get scared). It's 8:20 AM, and he's still asleep. The only joy of a night-owl child is that he sleeps in. However, this puts a big damper on morning appointments, work schedule, etc.
  • Ryan started swim lessons with Daddy last week. See photo. Gymnastics ended at the beginning of June, which I participated in, and I'm glad it ended when it did. Bending is not my current forte.
  • Last weekend, Ryan pounced on his Dad post-Daddy nap and proclaimed, "Daddy, you're my Best Friend!". We both melted.
  • Daddy worship is in full effect. Any exciting thing during the day is met with, "I'm gonna show My Daddy after-fore he gets home from work."
  • We've become crafting fools, this week we produced two caterpillars, a snake, and a chicken. See photo.

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Melissa said...

Good for you guys with the crafting! This is where I fail as a parent!

Lookin' good! That dress is really cute!