Friday, May 7, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events-Part 2

Where were we? Or yes, crying and driving. If you are just tuning in, go to the Previous Post to get the Whole Story.

Ryan was very quiet during this part of the day. And he actually ATE the wadded up cereal bar. We got back to the car dealership at 5:45 PM. I get the keys and begin moving back in to my now super clean car. All is forgiven. Ryan is again "driving" and I hit the lock on y remote so he doesn't fall out (such a safety conscience mother) (it does not lock, since a back door is open) while I go inside to get some help with getting my car seat out of the loaner. The middle seatbelt had taken it hostage. The nice salesman came to help me, and even picked up my keys off the ground when I dropped them. I stuck them in the seat pocket while I began the maneuvers that are involved in car seat installation all over again. I can't find the receiver for a seat belt that was replaced during this service visit, so I get out and shut the door. The car locks. With Ryan and my keys inside. BAD THING #8. I rush back inside and calmly explain that I have 2 more problems. A missing seat belt half and a locked car with child inside! All three salesmen came out to assist me. One guy was really animated and got Ryan all excited to hit buttons so he could unlock the car. After many of the wrong button, he finally hit it and the guy jerked the door open. I caught Ryan as he tumbled out (my fear all along) and the car alarm started going off! We all cheered and Ryan was happy to have helped. (don't think he had a CLUE what was happening).

It took 2 salesmen in the back seat of my car to find the missing seat belt receiver, but they did, phew. After that, we packed up, met Daddy for dinner in Poulsbo (I made him order FOR me as I was driving the 20 minutes north again- remember my lunch portion?) and made Jeff drive us up to Port Townsend. We survived and had a nice weekend away. I am exhausted again after this retelling of my Series of Unfortunate Events.

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Jennifer said...

Poor girl! At least it all ended with a nice weekend away.

I especially like that your soon seems to know the most inconvenient time(s) to crap himself!