Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Our family was very thankful this year to get away from it all at Mount Hood. Some friends of the family have a house there that we used to rendezvous with our Burghdoff friends for some fun in the snow. We attempted a snowshoeing expedition, but do not have photographic evidence. It was tough, as Ryan could not ride in the backpack due to his recent surgery, so we had to haul him along on a sled. The trail was not groomed, so there was more child carrying than riding. But this little guy LOVES the snow!


Angi said...

Well, I think he may be a bit disappointed when you arrive out here in the Midwest as there's only been a mere dusting so far. WHICH I am not complaining about though I do think he looks adorable in his snow get-up.

Hope he's healing well and we're looking forward to seeing you guys NEXT WEEK!!!

Pavette said...

I'm just glad we won't have to pack the snow gear. It took a whole suitcase for all of our coats, pants, boots, etc. I think Angi can sympathize. :)