Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomato Bandit

We're having great success in the garden this year-probably because it is the hottest summer on record in Washington, therefore the tomatoes are maturing now instead of in October, like the did last year.
I'm having a hard time getting the tomatoes into the house. A bandit has been eating them. This is what they look like when I get to them. And here he is in action. This is two days worth of action-note the different shirts.
I'm so glad he is getting good food that I grew. And the dirt that comes with the tomato is supposed to be good for preventing allergies. Apparently kids today are too clean and don't ingest enough dirt to help their immune systems. Not so around here. It's not a pig farm, but we do have dirty veggies-almost all you can eat!


Angi said...

How CUTE! We have a few tomatoes growing too...but only little grape sized ones. That's all I could handle! I kill EVERYTHING!

And yep, we make such an effort to eat organically--and my kids consume tons of dirt and grime on a daily basis :)

PS...are you guys coming in town soon?

Jennifer said...

This would totally be Isabella; she asks for tomatoes on a daily basis.

I love that he just sneaks out and takes what he wants. Who can fault a kid who loves good, healthy food?

Melissa said...

So cute!

BB said...

I love the photo where the whole tomato is all the way in his mouth. Our garden was a bust this year but last year we had this hot pepper plant in a pot and every time our dog walked by it he would bite off a pepper, chew it up and then run around the driveway gasping with his tongue out, presumably because the pepper was so spicy. Dumb dog.