Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Baby to Little Boy

We finally did it. We had Ryan's first haircut last weekend. The curls had become too matted, and he had hair in his eyes at all times. Below is a before and after shot. We also have the BEST CURL PRODUCT EVER!! It's called Ring around the Curlies, and it is an all organic leave in conditioner/styling product and we LOVE it. No more matted back of the head baby. Just sweet, lovely locks of curls. Just because we got his hair cut, doesn't mean we went SHORT. He could still be considered a hippy baby when caught in his tie dye shirt. :) (for some reason blogger is putting his AFTER photo first, but you get the idea)


Angi said...

Oh, he looks just adorable! I do love his longer locks--those curls! It'd be a shame to see them ALL go...

And I have to put my photos in backwards if that makes any sense. Last in first, first in last kind of thing. A minor annoyance by an annoyance all the same.

Nice to see you posting! I love catching up on your end! And when will you guys be in town?

Hope you're enjoying summer!

Melissa said...

Adorable!!! He has great hair! Cam is getting a hair cut on Saturday. He hates them so I have her cut him really, really short so we can go longer between cuts!

Jennifer said...

Too cute! He looks like a little man now!

I am going to put that product on my list. Always on the look out for styling products for curly hair. Right now I am all about Bumble and Bumble products because they work well on curly or straight hair so I get more bang for my buck!