Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is Finally here!

A lot of things are happening around here. Here are some recent photos. We had two messy birch trees removed from our backyard just in time for the sunshine to start pouring in!

Ryan's curls are killing me! They are so sweet right from the bath, but are getting a bit matted in the back between brushings. I can't bring myself to cut his hair yet though.  Neither Jeff nor I had this much body in our hair as babies. I'm blaming my mother. :)

With the weather looking better, I am bombarded with constant
 requests for "Side?" (Ryanese for "May we go outside now, Mother dear?")  So we have been out in the yard quite a bit. Today I was presented with my first bouquet. My lovely son do
es not real
ize that you need stems to keep the flowers, but he's mighty good weed whacker!

His favorite outdoor toy is a flat river rock. It is his constant companion, and serves as: a cell phone (see photo), a ball to throw, and something to put into nooks and crannies.  He also enjoys digging in the dirt, which is great, since we have a garden, but we may have to leave a portion of it plant free to provide a chance for daily digging.
 Otherwise, we may come up with bare dirt and no veggies at the end of the summer. 


Melissa said...

So cute! I love his little curls! For what it's worth...Cam's hair is very straight and now that it's been awhile since his last haircut the back is starting to get all fuzzy when he lays down for awhile. I think it just the nature of kids hair. Lily's does the same thing in the front.

Looks like you guys are enjoying the spring weather!!

Jennifer said...

We had our week of spring a couple weeks ago. It was a glorious seven days!

The curls are lovely. I can send you a pic of one of my freshman boys who has curly hair. I hope you have the good sense his mother lacks and force Ryan to keep the curls under control!